KHCC Old Boys Game 2015a

Building the new club BBQ The BBQ Committee Adam 'Rudy' Pyle, who may make a return to the Hill later this season Hill-1030952
Justin 'Winston' Lalonde, who may also make a return and James 'Brigadier' Briggs, who last visited the club 17 years ago Hill-1030953 Jordy, later to be heavily fined for impersonating someone with a beard The club stalker - be very afraid
Mr Chairman receiving a lecture Danny B - who later produced an excellent all-round performance. Joe B who was disgracefully got out by Uncle Adam later in the day James & Ian Mr Chairman speaks ...
Pre-match warm up Nick and Tommy Harrison The toss Hill-1030979
Once a Knowlie, always a Knowlie Knowlies Past + Callum, Dan & Joe Knowlies Present minus the baby sitter The Darvell brothers open the batting
Hill-1030994 Hill-1030995 Coachie serenades Laura Chef de jour and assistant
Hill-1040003 Hill-1040004 Our wonderful bar staff Dinner courtesy of the Bird in Hand
Hill-1040014 Hill-1040015 Dinner1 Dinner2
Randall - no words can ........... Hill-1040016 Hill-1040021 Adam receiving the winners trophy
Man of the Match (Tim, not Tony)